hello my name is

Hello, My Name Is: Satan Likes Pizza, Too

Believe it or not, Satanists are pretty much just like you and me. This is assuming, of course, that you and mewore black trench coats and played with big foam swords in the courtyard outside my college dorm. Which I did not do. But still.

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Hello, My Name Is: Angels & Spirits

Any archangel who’s capable of being everywhere at once would definitely know the correct pronunciation of his own name. I have come to this drastic conclusion based upon an ingenious logical proof I devised the other day while having coffee with my friend…

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Hello, My Name Is: Coed Naked Yoga

The best thing about doing anything naked is that you’re always prepared. It’s not like going to the gym, where you have to remember your shoes and, well, your clothes. This became evident earlier this week as I was contemplating attending my first co-ed naked yoga class. I was late leaving work and didn’t have time to run home and get ready, so I was on the verge of wimping out until I realized that, quite literally, um, I was born ready.

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