Drunk man on the bus asking the driver which bus he should actually be on:

“I live across from HEB. Where they found the dinosaur fossils. Dinosaur fossils, man. Fossils.”


From Deadspin: Phillies Fans’ Reactions To Dan Uggla’s Grand Slam Are Amazing NBC Sports: That was some win for Luis Avilan last night Talking Chop: Jeff Francoeur’s teammates at El Paso pull best prank of all time

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The SARF offers up some great satirical packaging opportunities. We have a stuffed owl debuting his new headphones brand at the Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo at the Ann Richards School Friday, April 11.

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Free Ideas, Going Fast

I just woke up from an epic dream. I was creating an ad campaign for ‘ice cream’. I did at least 20 different mockups. If any agency out there is interested, contact me within the next 3-7 minutes while I can still remember some of them. Apparently I’m doing spec work while asleep. On an…

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Getting Paid:

Is it worth the harassment?

I received this from a client today. Unfortunately, I can’t report it to my [non-existent] HR Department…

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