Spoon Bending
A curious girl’s ethnographic quest for stimulation, knowledge and the least common denominator…
(originally published on Austinist.com)

Why does my toe hurt? Like, really hurt? No mail again. Does my mailman hate me? My flowers are dead. Am I hungry? Crap. Forgot the new crossword puzzle. What the hell was up with that dream last night? Where was I? My iPod is still on! Annoying. Wait. Am I hungry?

                                      – My Brain (from ‘My 40-Foot Walk From Car to Porch’ -Abr. ed.)

Disaster Mind: Our Instructor’s term for the annoying non-stop worrying and chatter that occurs in a person’s brain at any given moment, distracting us from important stuff like what the universe is trying to tell us and how many clogged chakras we have and why the moon is totally pissed right now and so forth.

As I returned home from my very first spoon bending workshop, I was close to convinced that Disaster Mind was the reason I hadn’t been able to bend my… fork.